So I was lucky enough to have my amazing colleagues in China take me out to see The Force Awakens today. Today was opening day for the latest Star Wars installment in China, but as many of you already know, this was my 3rd time.

Well, apparently China is receiving The Force Awakens only in 3D or Imax – no standard format.

I am SO GLAD that I was able to enjoy the film in Australia (twice) in standard format because despite me already loving this film – 3D is total shit.

I put on my 3D glasses (which clipped over my specs) & enjoyed the first interior shot of Stormtroopers – it looked cool with 3D – but then I got used to it, the image periodically split, fucking up the experience for me & nothing else in the film looked particularly interesting in 3D. Also I got a bit of a headache. Just small, but seriously – people are paying good money for a headache.

So here’s the rub: Movie studios began to pump money into 3D again in the mid-00s because A) they finally worked out how to make it with correct colour & B) 3D makes it harder for pirates to screencap the film.


Seriously – making movies in 3D to combat piracy is like Coca Cola making their flagship drink taste like someone shat in it to prevent people making cola.

Eventually we’ll stop drinking.

Until we can watch a 3D experience with our regular eyes, I do not want to ever attend another 3D screening of anything. And I know there are a bunch of people with me – especially those who get serious headaches from 3D like Co-Consul does.

Just like the 80s, 3D is not going to happen – stop trying to pretend it will.


2 thoughts on “Dearest Movie Studios, 3D is Utter Shit – Stop Making it!!!

  1. JD Estrada

    I’ve always thought 3D was a huge fad and never been one to bite. I went to see Avatar and was not only disappointed in the movie, but in the technology. It didn’t add to the experience for me because me and the movie didn’t connect and I wasn’t blown away by 3D. The only movie I’ve watched worth being 3D was Piranha 3D just because it is so ridiculously out there and in poor taste that you have to laugh. That said, I dunno, 3D just makes me say they can’t depend on a movie’s merits to be successful and need to inflate prices. Oh well. Great post. Good point. End to 3D.

    1. iekenner

      I agree on Piranha 3D. Absurdist humour can make even the most redundant concept work. :o)

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