Important Lists #421: Things That are Easier in 5-inch Heels

In honour of nothing in particular…or perhaps in honour of typing on a tablet PC in a bus, I give to you the top 10 things hat are easier in 5-inch heels…


  1. Typing on a tablet PC* in the bus (currently wishing for 5-inch heels…this will fade when I stand up)
  2. Acquiring Blisters
  3. Being taller
  4. Falling over
  5. Scraping your knees under any kind of table or desk
  6. Having knees too high to actually fit under any kind of table or desk
  7. Preventing your jeans from scuffing on the ground
  8. Working out your calves
  9. Dressing up as a pantomime giraffe
  10. Understanding how bloody hard it is to walk in 5-inch heels




* Yes, the iPad is also a personal computer, so ner!**

** Yes, I am12

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