So the barista class I did last night was completely ace. I learned about coffee (who knew it wasn’t actually a bean!?!), I learned how to make a good coffee in a variety of (for me at least) redundant fashions (who needs more than a flat white?) and I drunk enough of the coffee I made to keep me awake until around 01:45am. I tried to write, but my brain was fuzzy and scatty which meant that my attention span was non-existent.

WOW. Coffee hasn’t affected me like that since highschool. I suppose that’s what tasting everything you make and drinking the odd  whole cup will do to you. *twitch*

Worked a little on my steampunk WIP tonight, but ran out of awake. Not sure if I have the MC’s name right, but of course it won’t matter until I finish Bifrost & actually seriously start that book.


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