Day 36:

My Master,

As you may have felt from the minor disturbances in the force, there have been some personnel issues during the test firing of the new Death Stars medium-range defensive cannons.wpid-wp-1437112064391.jpg

An accident during a live fire exercise has resulted in the death of an infantry stormtrooper.







A subsequent investigation determined that the personnel register originally drawn up for the Death Star’s crew (see graphic) did not include any actual Death Star Gunners. This oversightdeath_star_personnel forced the Moff in charge of tasking to use the only senior staff not already assigned to critical tasks. That’s right – we had to use managers. Unfortunately the manager in charge of test-firing the medium-range cannons was trying to cut corners and get to lunch early, so failed to aim before they fired.


I have dealt with the manager responsible appropriately.























I have also ensured that some trained, experienced Death Star Gunners have been posted to the Death Star. The medium-range guns have now been thoroughly tested.


The Death Star WILL be completed on schedule.


All my love,

— Darth Vader


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