Oh yes – I have an ending!

I was more than once told during many, many writing courses and sessions with published authors that in order to write a great book, you need to start with a great ending. Once you have a great ending, a great book is easy to write.

I really hope this is on the money because literally as of last week, I have what I consider to be a great ending to Bifrost.

I have already written much of the beginning and middle, though there is some serious fleshing out to do before I can really pretend like it’s a novel. So far it’s a large number of scene synopses and a medium-sized number of actual scenes.

Anyway, it’s beginning to take serious shape on my Motorola Xoom, my PC, my Galaxy S II – wherever I can write (thank you, Evernote).

Yes, I am 100% Apple-free and loving it. That said, I do rate Scrivener VERY highly also and it started as Mac software, so I can admit good things have come from the house of Mac.

And no – I have no sponsorship from anyone, I just like to link stuff I like.

Anywho…I’m off to nurse a little finger I dropped a very heavy disk storage array on today and play me some serious computer games with my other fingers (it is Monday night afterall).


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