I have written that many pages of Bifrost at the pub that my scenes set in a pub are probably my best.

My standard pub-writing pattern is: I’m walking somewhere with no urgency, I feel inspired to write a scene, I walk past a pub, I walk into said pub, order a beer and start writing.

This does not happen often given that having 3 kids does not leave a lot of room for “no urgency”, but the thing is that once you’re in the pub and in the zone, the word just flow.

I STRONGLY recommend the pub to any (particularly single) writers looking for a secluded haven to write (and have a delightful drink).

I’ve written on the bar, on a table, on a couch & have always managed to get good quality words down. Sure, some of those words toward to bottom-end of my 6th or so beer may have needed…um…polishing, but what you really get from a pub is solitude in the midst of action and if that’s not the definition of a 3rd person POV book, I don’t know what is.


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