And we’re back…

Around about 5 years ago I had my own website on which I hosted a bunch of my short stories as well as some very mundane meta-drivel I was fond of posting.

Then I decided to change career and become a teacher.

I figured it would be best not to have a website with my name on it which contained lots of words and concepts deliberately excluded from the approved high school reading list, so I brought the site down.

As with many career changes, teaching didn’t work out for me, so here I am again, back in the IT industry with a domain name I’ve had parked for 5 years. My fondness for words and concepts that aren’t in the approved high school reading list has not diminished, though I have since gained an interest in writing without some of these words and concepts so that young adult readers can comfortably read some of my books. Two of my WIPs will be written with this in mind.

Now…the website is currently a bit of a shambles and doesn’t contain any of my fiction writing, but I am very keen to remedy that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.

— IEK.

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