OK, just so I don’t hurt the relationship I have with any of my American friends or tweeps: Be aware that this blog post contains very minor character spoilers for Season 7 of Dr Who. I will not divulge anything that happens post-episode 6ish, just know that I reveal who the next companion will be and that I LOVE her style.

So….despite the fact that I am not allowed to actually purchase a new dress (2 wardrobes; no money), I am desperate for a new dress. Being a Dr Who addict (from the time I was old enough to watch the show without screaming constantly), I am very taken with the Doctor’s new companion…


…Clara Oswin Oswald and her fashion sense. Now I love the Doctor’s former companions, but I don’t quite have the body for anything Amy Pond wore and River Song is a bit pirate-chic for my taste, but I’ve been desperately hoping Clara (Oswin) would show up as a companion after Season 7 Episode 1. Aside from being brilliant and left-of-centre (something I truly love in a person or character), Clara wears the most awesome sexy-but-tough outfits. Ankle boots FTW! Her style may be a bit wintery for the summer here in Australia, but it’s spot on for you Northern hemisphere folk (and I daresay fornus next winter too!)


Having webdow shopped for weeks looking for dresses which loosely resembled ANY of Clara’s choices, I last night stumbled upon a site which has done the legwork for me!

FashionofDoctorWho.com has scoured the web (I assume) to find either exact-match or very-close-to pieces from the outfits the Doctors and companions have worn. I imagine a HELL of a lot of work has gone into this site and I am more than a little excited about finding it.

Now…I love cosplay, but I’m more excited that I get a breakdown of the types of clothes Clara wears so that I have a better chance of finding one dress or some ankle boots online to add to my second wardrobe…you know…when I get all of that free money.


…if you’re completely awesome and do want to cosplay Clara (and who wouldn’t?), the BBC has a handy guide:

How to cosplay Clara Oswin Oswald


They also have a handy guide to cosplaying each of the Doctor’s generations:

How to cosplay the Doctor


Now I just need to find a couple of hundred dollars lying around and go shopping!

— IEK.

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