All pronouns are good. Keep them coming.

As a writer of science fiction, I often find it difficult to return my mind to matters of the day-to-day (an aspect of my personality which Co-Consul finds extraordinarily helpful…not).

I use this blog to provide a bit of a window into my day-to-day world as a person trying to write as well as holding down a challenging full-time-job, co-run a household, co-raise 3 wonderful children and face the not-insignificant challenge of not preferring the gender I was given.

I will be posting updates on my current Work in Progress – Bifrost – which is now officially past my self-imposed deadline (woops). Yes, that day-to-day world thing I mentioned…

I live in a wonderfully diverse part of Australia where I consistently fail to keep myself relaxed and am often silly.

— I.E. Kenner