under_constructionFinally I decided to get rid of the old dodgy background and replace it with a new dodgy background. Hopefully with this new background you can actually read the text and the site looks just a bit less like a mySpace page.

You’ll probably notice (aside from the ability to read the text) the FEEDS section on the right-hand side. This (though pretty) is unfortunately static, unlike the upcoming addition of my Twitter and (possibly) Facebook feeds. In the meantime the static feeds you see are tiny teasers for Bifrost, the Metsas Mountains and armour both featuring pretty prominently in the story (though the tiny version of the armour status you can see doesn’t really give much away).

There will be more changes in the coming weeks as I get time to work on the site (usually instead of Monday Night Games…sorry gents).

And yes – that is a picture of two construction workers in China walking out on the end of a crane without any sort of safety harness. I took the picture myself. It was crazy. It was also raining.


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