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So this morning 6yo awoke, as he usually does, at 6am (mercifully he has moved beyond 5am) and came to our room seeking someone to turn on the TV, as it was a weekend and, well that’s just part of the way we make weekends special in our house: TV before breakfast (no, really – that IS special here).

I groggily wandered downstairs, thankful that it was 6am and not 5, turned on the TV, quickly changed the channel from whatever we’d forgotten to change if from the previous night, then suddenly remembered: he had been banned from TV for being such an unrepentant horror the entire previous day, culminating in a 20-minute screaming session prior to sleep.

Being the stubborn mule that I am, I turned off the TV and reminded him that he was banned and that he would need to return to his bedroom. This, of course, was greeted with indignation that I “couldn’t do that”, but of course I could and I did and (thankfully) he went back to his bedroom with the promise that if he spent 10 minutes in his bedroom playing nicely, he could watch whichever younger-child shows his younger siblings chose to watch (ie. no Spider-man, no Ninja Turtles and no LEGO Chima).

Five minutes later, as his siblings awoke and wandered downstairs to watch some suitably terrible toddler TV, 6yo began to play the blues in his room on his harmonica.

Now, I know what you’re thinking “6 year olds cannot play the blues” and to an extent you’re right – he has no training, he is not a musical prodigy and this is probably just a parent hearing their child be wonderful rather than annoying (as I’m sure the neighbours saw it), but I have never heard a harmonica played with such raw sadness and so little melody. It was absolutely pure blues and I loved every minute of it (sorry, neighbours).

Suffice to say that after 5 minutes, 6yo was allowed to go and watch toddler shows with his siblings and I am very glad that he asked Santa for a harmonica a couple of years ago. Oh and that Santa built him a pretty bloody good harmonica too (Hohner Special 20 in the key of C).

Perhaps it’s time for some lessons…


…and then it was 2014.

Yes, the holidays are over (for me), yet the Christmas/Yule/Sol Invictus/Hanukkah/Saturnalia/Hogsmanay* decorations are still up. Mainly because I have been too lazy to get the ladder inside to take the boxes down, but I’m sure it will magically all happen one night while I’m asleep, right? Right? Elves? Anyone?


Ah well.

Now – the real reason for this post is that I have decided (thanks to the inspiration of the wonderful Leigh Ann Kopans) to set a deadline for Bifrost. Yes, my book will be BLOODY FINISHED (and by this I mean edited and ready to roll) by:

June 2014

Queue the band.

OK maybe not. BUT I am determined and this means that I have to get my arse writing. A lot.

The plan: To write close to 20 chapters in 16 weeks. In order to try and squeeze in some actual revision time, I plan to try and finish 2 chapters per week. Which is going to be very hard given that when I started this latest re-write I was achieving something close to 1 chapter per month!

So, with a lot of work ahead of me, I’d better A) write some and B) get the hell to bed so I can write some tomorrow!


*I’m not into one celebration than another and we always get the decorations up before Hannukah starts so why not?

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