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Site Redesign

under_constructionFinally I decided to get rid of the old dodgy background and replace it with a new dodgy background. Hopefully with this new background you can actually read the text and the site looks just a bit less like a mySpace page.

You’ll probably notice (aside from the ability to read the text) the FEEDS section on the right-hand side. This (though pretty) is unfortunately static, unlike the upcoming addition of my Twitter and (possibly) Facebook feeds. In the meantime the static feeds you see are tiny teasers for Bifrost, the Metsas Mountains and armour both featuring pretty prominently in the story (though the tiny version of the armour status you can see doesn’t really give much away).

There will be more changes in the coming weeks as I get time to work on the site (usually instead of Monday Night Games…sorry gents).

And yes – that is a picture of two construction workers in China walking out on the end of a crane without any sort of safety harness. I took the picture myself. It was crazy. It was also raining.


So I just deleted a comment from a very clever spammer (OK, so they weren’t THAT clever, they used the name of the product they were flogging as their posting name), BUT here’s what they wrote:

“Hey just wanted tto give you a quick heads up. The text in your article seem to be running off the
screen in Firefox. I’mnot sure if this is a fortmatting issue
or something to doo with internet browser compatibility
but I thought I’d post to let you know. The layout
look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon. Cheers”

Spelling errors and all – this actually gave me pause to think. I mean, sure I checked the site in Firefox and all is well (because I generally know what I’m doing), but I thought it was quite clever. Spammers usually type very general “Your post is the best I’ve seen on this subject” type buttering-up to get you to approve their spam, but this was something I hadn’t seen before.

Anywho…just thought I’d share.


It’s November which means I should have what?…10,000 words of a novel already written? I so don’t.

You see I’ve been spending all of my spare time on this new website. No – THIS new website, not some other…OK never mind.

So Novel Writing month is officially rogered as I have written exactly 0 words so far and I should be 1/3 of the way to Vanity Fair by now. In other news, I updated the site to make the links look a tiny bit less like daemon spew, removed a few superfluous sidebar sections and the entire superfluous footer section.

I also added Megan Whitmer’s blog to the links because, well ever since I found her and her #WriteClub (@FridayNightWrites) on Twitter I have had a whole new energy for writing and getting this website back up.

So thanks, Megan – you rock.

Now everyone should go and check out her blog.

There will of course be more links, but I’m too tired to hold my finger down on URLs and copy them right now. In fact I have to put this bloody Xoom away and go to sleep.

— IEK.

Around about 5 years ago I had my own website on which I hosted a bunch of my short stories as well as some very mundane meta-drivel I was fond of posting.

Then I decided to change career and become a teacher.

I figured it would be best not to have a website with my name on it which contained lots of words and concepts deliberately excluded from the approved high school reading list, so I brought the site down.

As with many career changes, teaching didn’t work out for me, so here I am again, back in the IT industry with a domain name I’ve had parked for 5 years. My fondness for words and concepts that aren’t in the approved high school reading list has not diminished, though I have since gained an interest in writing without some of these words and concepts so that young adult readers can comfortably read some of my books. Two of my WIPs will be written with this in mind.

Now…the website is currently a bit of a shambles and doesn’t contain any of my fiction writing, but I am very keen to remedy that as soon as possible.

Stay tuned.

— IEK.

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