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Though none of us seemed to notice (aside from a few travel writers in their mid-to-late-30s), at some stage in the recent past, it became impossible to travel the world and still enjoy yourself. I was quite surprised when I read the first article describing this awful phenomenon, though as I began to see more and more of these articles, posts and photomontages with the generic, terrible backing music, it became clear that not only was this a world-wide disaster, but it has been caused by…well…everything.

So as a tribute to the apparently lost age of travelling and still enjoying one’s self, I have put together a top-10 list of the things responsible for the demise of travel…


  1. Young People – Yes, we are talking about YOU, person who is younger than whoever wrote the article, you are RUINING TRAVEL, you selfish, childless, blatant user of disposable-income. How dare you have fun while you travel! More mature people who’s bodies can no longer have the kinds of fun you are having demand that you stop all of this fun immediately so they can go back to pretending that getting old isn’t incredibly depressing.

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In honour of nothing in particular…or perhaps in honour of typing on a tablet PC in a bus, I give to you the top 10 things hat are easier in 5-inch heels…


  1. Typing on a tablet PC* in the bus (currently wishing for 5-inch heels…this will fade when I stand up)
  2. Acquiring Blisters
  3. Being taller
  4. Falling over
  5. Scraping your knees under any kind of table or desk
  6. Having knees too high to actually fit under any kind of table or desk
  7. Preventing your jeans from scuffing on the ground
  8. Working out your calves
  9. Dressing up as a pantomime giraffe
  10. Understanding how bloody hard it is to walk in 5-inch heels




* Yes, the iPad is also a personal computer, so ner!**

** Yes, I am12

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