It’s November which means I should have what?…10,000 words of a novel already written? I so don’t.

You see I’ve been spending all of my spare time on this new website. No – THIS new website, not some other…OK never mind.

So Novel Writing month is officially rogered as I have written exactly 0 words so far and I should be 1/3 of the way to Vanity Fair by now. In other news, I updated the site to make the links look a tiny bit less like daemon spew, removed a few superfluous sidebar sections and the entire superfluous footer section.

I also added Megan Whitmer’s blog to the links because, well ever since I found her and her #WriteClub (@FridayNightWrites) on Twitter I have had a whole new energy for writing and getting this website back up.

So thanks, Megan – you rock.

Now everyone should go and check out her blog.

There will of course be more links, but I’m too tired to hold my finger down on URLs and copy them right now. In fact I have to put this bloody Xoom away and go to sleep.

— IEK.

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